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About the Award

Welcome to the 2012 Auricle Awards page! We at Flamel's Immortal Portal have made the awards voting open to the public so that you, the fans of this amazing series, can let your voices be heard and your favorite parts of the series be recognized! The categories and nominees have been preselected by a panel of highly trained judges (ie FIP staff members), and you will be able to vote for every category once and only once! Then the winners will be announced on our September episode of the Awakenings podcast.

The voting will be up for the month of August with a results show airing as our 46th episode of Awakenings on September 15th, 2012.


Thanks for voting! Tune in to the September 15th episode of Awakenings to hear the results!

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About the presenters

The regular Portalcaster staff will be the main presenters of the awards, but you never know what kind of special guests may show up! We've contacted some media outlets, so we may get some red carpet coverage as well.

The results will be kept top secret until the recording, so our presenters will be getting the results "live" right along with you, the listener.

About the Auricle statuette

Made from the hardest granite found anywhere on Earth, the Auricle statuette stands an impressive 10.5 inches tall and weighs an astounding 14 lbs. (1 stone). The base is constructed out of a very rare mineral, from an undisclosed Shadowrealm, and weighs next to nothing. Yet, it is so hard it can only be cut by the blade of an Elemental sword. Each statuette is hand carved by a very skilled and ancient Immortal, whose name we have been asked to keep concealed for their privacy.

About the show

In September, we will have a very special episode of Awakenings where we will reveal the results of your voting to the world! The show will be full of fun and exciting moments! We have lined up some VERY special sponsors for this episode, so be sure to tune in on September 15th!
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