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Best Fight Scene
Junkyard Battle

Favorite Female Character

Favorite Male Character

Favorite New Necromancer Character

Most Powerful Elemental Magic

Most Vivid Scene Description
Yggdrassill in Hekate′s Shadowrealm

Most Suspicious Character

Best Use of Magic
Prometheus creating the first people (Necromancer Ch 36)

Best Training Session
Josh learning Fire Magic

Favorite Scent
Sophie′s vanilla ice cream

Scariest Creature

Most Heroic Action
Aoife jumping on Coatlicue′s back (Necromancer Ch 64)

Best Chase Scene
The Chase to Stonehenge

Best Escape
Dee using the swords as a leygate (escaping the birds, and Cucubuths)

Elder Race Favorite

Favorite Podcast Episode (Eps 9 - 20)
Ep 16: Survivor: Danu Talis

Favorite 2009 Auricle Award Commercial
Scatty′s Dojo

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